• Choose 'em and Lose 'em

    The mid-season event is played according to the rules of the 4 Man Scramble with one exception.

    The person whose ball was selected as the best shot, does not hit the next shot. Only three players hit from that spot. The person who did not hit the previous shot will be allowed to hit the following shot, and once again, the person whose shot was selected does not hit this time.

    This format continues onto the green while putting until the ball is holed. Then all 4 tee off on the next hole.

    The only time four members of the team will be hitting from the same location is on the tee box.
  • Make-up date announced:

    Wednesday, August 19th

    Due to inclement weather Thursday, June 18th we are rescheduling that event for Wednesday August 19th. We will have the Nassau format that night.
  • Add your shirt size

    We are looking into alternatives to a banquet and raffle. Please go Here to select your shirt size.
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